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Typhoon Selection Box


3+ left in stock!

  • 2x Fireflake A (Flare)
  • 2x Crackling Cascade (Fountain)
  • 2x Satellite Surprise (Single Shot)
  • 3x Fireball 5 (Roman Candle)
  • 1x Fireflake B (Fountain)
  • 1x Vesuvius Viper (Cone)
  • 1x Crackling Etna (Cone)
  • 1x Spinning Razor Wheel
  • 1x Dragonfly (Fountain)
  • 1x Rattlesnake
  • 1x Taper

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3+ left in stock!



Firing pattern:

Bore size: (MM)

Hazard class: (G)

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This selection box is a great pocky box with variety and effects with a nice design. A superb selection box for a DIY event.


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