RRP: £9.99
25 Indoor Fireworks

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Pack contains the following
SNAKES ALIVE – On ignition the tablet will continuously expand into a slithering snake. Watch in awe as these baby slithering serpents hiss and swirl their way into adult man eaters.
BLAZING BENGALS – these Bengal matches burn long and bright and each pack contains 2 x red and two x green flame effects.
SIZZLING STROBES – exciting orange tinged fast strobing flash pellets. Sizzling Strobes flash and sizzle away.
ICE FOUNTAINS – low smoke, cool fall out Ice Fountains designed for indoor use. Bright silver sparks shower out of the tube.
DISCO INFERNO – the pellets glow with a blue tinged flame before bursting into a bright flash over and over and over.
FLASH HARRY – you can’t beat a Flash Harry. Each tablet burns bright before bursting into swirling green flashes.
PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON – puff comes to life and he’s furious! Ignite his smoking nostrils of terror and watch him puff away.
INDOOR SPARKLERS – specially designed for indoor use, these sparklers will add a sparkle to your party and are ideal for cakes.

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