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Barrage Pack 2

Home » Buy Fireworks » Barrage Pack 2

Barrage Pack 2

Home » Buy Fireworks » Barrage Pack 2

Barrage Pack 2


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315 sec

Bore size



25 Metres

Noise Level

Firing Pattern




Hazard Class


Explosive Weight


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Newly improved containing bigger and better fireworks to give even more fun for your money! Watch out for the Split Tacular and Cherry Cherries. *We reserve the right to substitute any item that may be out of stock with another item of equal or greater values.

1 x Mad As A Box Of Frogs – 25 shots, red & silver tail, whistling comets & crackling bursts.
1 x Piranha Attack – 20 shots, red & white peony to purple, yellow & red palm tree & blue pearl.
1 x Ice Diamond – 16 shots, red & green pearls to white strobes.
1 x Fish & Chips – 25 shots, silver fish in a blue lake & huge silver spinning spirals.
1 x Monkey Business – 18 shots, green tail to purple pearl with green strobe & blue pearl.
1 x Vicious Vampires – 19 shots, sky blue bursts with time rain to pink with silver strobe willow.
1 x Split-Tacular – 16 shots, long lasting crackling crossettes, large strobing coloured bursts with inbuilt crackling crossette finale.
1 x Bangers & Flash – 25 shots, Intense crackling mine with large blue & golden brocade bursts above ending with a crackling finale.
1 x Cheery Cherries – 25 shots, large bursts to busy crackling time rain clusters.
1 x Eager Beaver – 12 shots, mines with large bursts above, with brocades, crackles and strobes.
Portfires included.

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